The lightest on the market

Each gram additionally deteriorates the flying properties of the multicopter, therefore we have reduced the weight to an admirable 130 grams.

3D technology

Thanks to 100% engagement of 3D printing technology, we can immediately respond to our user’s suggestions.

Mechanical principle

When developing the rescue system, we have emphasized simplicity and reliability. That's why we came up with a unique mechanic activation system.


The design of the parachute is a kit made of recyclable plastic. In case of a malfunction, simply replace the required component.

Who are we?

We are a young progressive technological start-up dealing with innovative mechanical systems. At the moment, we have completed the development of a rescue parachute for drones. Thanks to the pure mechanical principle of activation, our parachutes are the lightest and economically advantageous. We have achieved this result by fully using 3D printing technology in production which allows for rapid change and customer optimization.

Starting price: 150 Euro Thank you for your interest!

About us

Who's behind it? And why we chose a parachute for multicopers?

František Manlig

At the Secondary Technical School in Liberec, he devoted himself to developing a mechanism that ended with a utility model. He has a rich experience with 3D printing, which he has been working with since 2011. He founded a student formula at the Technical University of Liberec. He is currently engaged in developing and securing production.

Martin Klesal

He is involved in a variety of design projects, providing development, innovation and customer contact. He uses years of experience in multicopters. He currently deals with the expansion of the parachute system for most types of drones, and generally deals with the safety of civilian flying with drones.

Story of the parachute

From idea to patent ;)



We have filed a patent application and we start a bold production.


We have extended the team.


We are starting to work on a patent application.


The debuged rescue mechanism of the parachute is put into trial production.


Functional Test Prototype.


The idea of a parachute for multicopters.



Period of trials and exploration of dead lanes.

3D technology

We are thinking about the full involvement of 3D printing technology in production processes.

3D Printer

Getting the first 3D printer.

SPŠSE Liberec



We deal with multicopter security, our goal is to ensure security in situations where everything else is failing.


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